I’m a co-Director of Biology Fortified, Inc, a non-profit dedicated to providing science based information about biotechnology and other aspects of agriculture. I have a PhD in genetics, with a minor in sustainable agriculture, from Iowa State University. My doctoral research included improving nutritional quality of maize through genetic engineering and selective breeding, as well as investigating unintended effects of genetic engineering. I previously worked in public health in the U.S. Army. This included environmental assessment and risk management of chemical, nuclear, and biological hazards; food and water safety, including pathogen control; and integrated pest management. In 2011, I was selected as a Presidential Management Fellow. I worked at the National Institutes of Health, performing special projects in science policy, science communication, and legislative affairs. I currently work for the U.S. government. I am the mother of Ada MaryJo Bodnar, born still but still born.

I am very interested in the intersection between science and policy when it comes to agriculture. Specifically, I am interested in how crop genetics, farming methods, food storage, and food preparation affect food safety, nutrient bioavailability, and related topics. If you’d like to learn more about how I got to where I am, check out my resume.

Looking for the blog? In 2006, I started Genetic Maize in an attempt to share science based information about GMOs and other science topics. After finding like minded people on the web, I helped found the Biofortified Blog, where you can find my posts along with those of other scientists and experts. Comments are closed here for any posts that are also at Biofortified (just so I don’t have to manage two comment streams), but conversation flows freely at Biofortified. A few more personal posts here will allow comments.